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Pirates of Bonus Island: An Enjoyable Slot Variation

An enjoyable slot variation created by International Gaming Technology and distributed by AC Coin and Slot, Pirates of Bonus Island is a video slot that features big cash prizes to lucky gamblers. Pirates of Bonus Island slot machines have five reels and nine pay lines. Many players try this game because it has attractive features and inviting offers. To guide new slots gamblers about this slot variation, the article discusses its basic elements and special offerings.

Denominations Used in Playing Pirates of Bonus Island

The slot variation uses different coin denominations that range from a cent to $100. Because of the diverse denominations, which gamblers can use to play the game, Pirates of Bonus Island continues to attract more slots players. However, before playing the game, it is necessary that players choose whether they play the cent game or the dollar game to know the denominations that the slot variations require players.

Description of the Slot Variation's Bonus Game

Another special feature of Pirates of Bonus Island that lure many players is its bonus game. Players have the chance to take home 12,500, 25,000 and 50,000 bonus coins when they bet 45, 90 as well as 180 coins in the slot machine. Hence, they do not need to place the maximum bet to get the jackpot prize because the bonus game activates one in 47 spins.

Double Diamond: An Interesting Variation of Pirates of Bonus Island

Double Diamond, an interesting variation of Pirates of Bonus Island, is popular in many live casinos and online casinos. This version of the game offers different bonus games to players. Another attractive characteristic of Pirates of Bonus Island is that it provides players good chances of taking home progressive jackpots.

Players should know that there are Pirates of Bonus Island slot machines that are not progressive. In this sense, those who just want to play the game for fun can still try this slot variation in casinos. Meanwhile, for those who plan to create a decent living from playing slots, it is necessary that they learn the different aspects of Pirates of Bonus Island.

Since there are no strategies that can assure players that they can win big money from this slot variation. Hence, to avoid losing great stakes or big bets, it is necessary that gamblers monitor their bets as well as keep track on the trends in their bankrolls. In this way, they can enjoy the game at the most and maximize every opportunity that it offers to them.