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Enjoy Beautiful Thailand with the Thai Sunrise Slot

Thai Sunrise slot is one of the new video slots out there today and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines. Although the Thai Sunrise slot is not a progressive machine, the jackpot is still big and it's a fun game to play. Thai Sunrise slot is featured in InterCasino and Cryptologic has provided it with the software.

Thai Sunrise slot has many features to offer the slots player. Not surprisingly, the symbols in the Thai Sunrise slot are those one would find when one visits Thailand such as the famous Tuk Tuk that has 3 wheels. The Tuk Tuk is the Thai version of a taxi where one wouldn't find any doors and it is a vehicle that derived its name for being a loud machine. Aside form the Tuk Tuk, the Thai Sunrise slot also has the Buddha symbol, Thai fan and the pink orchid that Thailand is known for.

The jackpot in the Thai Sunrise slot is six thousand coins. This jackpot can be won if the player manages to get 5 symbols of the Thai girl who is dressed in silk on all 5 paylines. Thai Sunrise slot is appreciated by both the high rollers as well as the low rollers. The low rollers can choose to wager as little as a single cent while the high rollers can opt to spend twenty dollars per coin for a total of five hundred dollars for every spin.

Thai Sunrise video slot is one of the first games from Cryptologic that allowed wagers higher than two hundred dollars. The Thai Sunrise slot has been consistently voted as one of the best video slots made since it was released last quarter of 2006.

The wild symbol in the Thai Sunrise slot is of course the Thai symbol. Being a wild symbol, if the player gets 4 of the same symbols and one of these, they can win the jackpot. The other symbol to watch out for in the Thai Sunrise slot is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is very easy to remember because it looks like a scattered sunrise. The scatter symbol, no matter where it ends up after a spin as long as there are at least 2 of them, means the player gets to win.

To complete the Thai Sunrise slot, the player is rewarded with 15 free spins if they get the scatter symbol. The great part about these free spins is everything the player wins during these spins is tripled and there's a chance of getting more free spins and more winnings throughout the bonus round.